Digital world start – AI and automation will continuously be coming up

Digitalisation is leading to a major change in occupations. While machines and robots are taking over many tasks, it also created more jobs with greater demand for specialists in IT, Programming and Web Design Malaysia
Data Scientist, full stack engineer, drive test engineer, user experience engineer and content writer are the top emerging jobs in Malaysia
For instance, since 2012, the number if data scientist has grown 1.453 per cent – from just 15 professionals to 233 in the last five years. The top three digital skills across Asia Pacific region are ABC that is:
  1. Automation and artificial intelligence (AI),
  2. Big data and
  3. Cloud computing.

With demand for these talents tightening, there is a net loss of people with ABC skills in our region as more people are moving out of our region.  Since there is a demand for the ABC skills, a loss of talents to the US and UK had occurred. Most of the IT companies can’t retain those talents because of the more advanced tools in US and UK and also companies with strong employer brand are proactively recruiting those talents.

There are three big trends in the occupation trail today. AI and automation will continuously be coming up to be the number one role and skills that organisations are looking for.  Next is the skills gap between what orgaisations are looking for and the skills of our current workspace.  With the trend of hiring contingent workers expected to accelerate, large organisations have to quickly adapt their human capital policies to manage contingent workers. While the demand for digitally skilled professional continues to grow, the gap persistently widens too. In preparing the workforce to be fit for the future, And says both employer and employee plays a part. To meet the business needs, employers have to continuously help talents to reskill and provide the necessary tools to help them.
Most people are driven by fear that automation will replace their work by doing the mundane. But if you look at every revolution and change, farmers that were afraid the machines were going to make them jobless, interestingly new jobs also get created. There will be jobs replaced and new jobs create. People need to understand how they can adapt and be the change agent themselves rather than let change happen to them.  The shelf life of skills is getting shorter and shorter with each revolution, so learning should be a part and parcel of who you ar. To stay relevant in this era, everyone to have learning and growth mindset which means to be open to reskilling and upskilling ourselves.  Even for startups,We should not get comfortable because things get obsolete very quickly with new emerging technology. Now day a lot of organisations are beginning to look at data and insights to make a better decision.
Source from Linkedin‘s vice president of Talent and Learning Solutions for Asia-Pacific, Feon Ang