What is Digital Marketing Trend

In this era, the Internet is omnipresent. People can surf Internet everywhere at any time. From the survey that done by Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission in 2018, it shows that there are approximately of 28.7 million (equal to 87.4%) of people are Internet users in Malaysia (refer to figure 1: Internet users and non- Internet users). On the other way, it shows a high opportunity for people getting in touch with digital marketing directly when they are browsing Internet, and this will also be the opportunity for marketers to use digital marketing to promote their brands, products and services.

Internet users and non-internet users report

                                    Figure 1: Internet users and non- Internet users

(Source from: https://www.mcmc.gov.my/skmmgovmy/media/General/pdf/Internet-Users-Survey-2018.pdf )

Refer to figure 2, social networking platform and online shopping platform are the tools that marketers always used in digital marketing due to majority of the internet users are using it. Therefore, more and more technological tools are created in order to capture and analyze consumers’ online behavior when they are using social network platform and online shopping platform such as what are they really interested to look for or what is their needs in that moment.

Mobile user activities report

                                                Figure 2: Online Activities

(Source from: https://www.mcmc.gov.my/skmmgovmy/media/General/pdf/Internet-Users-Survey-2018.pdf )

  • The rising of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the tools that used by marketers as it can analyze consumer behavior by looking at their search patterns, utilizing data from social media platforms and blog posts to help businesses understand how users and customers find their products and services. Once the AI analyzed the consumer search pattern, the advertisement of some products which is similar to the product category that the customers had been searched for will be appeared in the consumer’s search suggestion and their social media page so that they can have more product choices to choose.

(Source from: https://www.statista.com/chart/17135/artificial-intelligence-marketing/ )

  • Besides, more and more influencers appeared nowadays. Inviting social influencers who has positive image to endorse your product and share to their social media page will also be one of the digital marketing trends nowadays. This is an effective marketing tool that used to attract their target consumers who had followed these influencers in social media. This is because influencer has the direct engagement with their followers by posting their daily lifestyle and interacting with their followers, it created trust from followers to the influencers. Whenever the influencer has recommending the products, their followers might want to try it as well and might become loyal customers to your product after trying your product.
  • Increasing of the use of live streaming video on social media platform such as Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. There will be a trend that marketers to host a live stream video and letting people to watch it. This would also act like instant interaction with other people. They can answer people’s question during live streaming. For instance, a cosmetics seller is teaching people on how to make-up. When he/she is applying make-up product on their face, he/she can introduce the benefits and functions of using this cosmetic product so that people can learn how to make-up at the same time they will consider buying of this cosmetic brand instead of others’.

How Digital Marketing Company Can Help Your Business

1. Digital Marketing is More Cost Effective

It’s free of charge of creating online social platform! This only required lesser people to manage the social media account such as replying comments and think of the content of the post every day. Besides, the audience will help you to share your post if they think the content is interesting. Even though when you are inviting social influence to endorse your product, the fees will not cost much as compared to inviting celebrities to endorse your product.

This will also relatively cheaper than when you are placing your advertisement in Newspaper and Billboard or printing out the flyers because digital marketing can reach more people compared to traditional method nowadays as more and more people is browsing Internet nowadays. Besides, Pay Per Click (PPC) system will also eliminate some unnecessary charges since the fees will only charged when the audience click on the advertisement and therefore, if there is no people tare clicking the advertisement, the company does not need to pay anything for it.

2. Promptness of Your Brand, Product or Company Visibility

Advertising your product and company through online can be delivered to people instantly. People will usually do their research online before buying something. This is because they can get the result that they want more faster rather than they shop at the shopping mall. Besides, the website address can be instantly shared around by the people if they want.

The search engine like Google Search will suggest the links that fit the audience well when the keywords is matching. Therefore, when people are searching something similar to your keyword, Google will suggest your product or company page to them, and this will increase the chance to them to click into your product or company page as well.

3. There are No Geographical Boundaries in Digital Marketing

There are no geographical boundaries, and no specific hours of operation online. People can get your product and company information at any time at everywhere. Wherever the Internet can reach to, your business advertisement can be reached there too. Your web presence can reach out to anyone who enters your virtual doorstep. As compared to when you are offline, your market base will be limited by face-to-face communication. Depending on your industry and offering, digital marketing could have a vast customer base, rather than face-to-face interactions and word-of-mouth that limited by place.

For instant, marketers may place an advertisement in Google Ad. and Google will help you to distribute the advertisement internationally and reach the potential overseas customers.

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