How we create a websites

Entertop is a experienced web design company in Malaysia, we can turn your idea to reality and help to meet company goal. We are providing full range of web & digital services in terms of web design, mobile apps development, ecommerce, SEO, digital marketing & others.


  1. You have an idea or a business plan that you want to make public.
  2. Contact a Entertop or web solutions consultant to findout how your project can be accomplished.
  3. Choose the Entertop that provides the best terms and conditions for you


  1. You do not have the full view for your project so the Entertop must provide all need specifications.
  2. You know exactly how your project should look like, so you give the frame and the Entertop sticks to it
    • The entertop offers you a set of options to choose between
    • you choose to stick to a classic and standard solution or  you choose a more modern and fancy design


  1. After setting up the final vision of the project, Entertop gives it life and makes it work for Malaysia web design
  2. Entertop chooses the right technology for your final needs, wheter it’s a website, web application, mobile application or social network application.
  3. When the entertop knows the overall conception, our web developer and designer build individual and unique modules for each functionality of your project.
  4. Entertop will do the user acceptance testing.


  1. When the build is finished, the Entertop must train you how to work with the  Enterrom CMS content management system, so you can use it by your self and make any chnages you want, anytime you want.
  2. Once you are satisfied and confirm with the final product, the Entertop launches it trough trusted hosting in Entertop datacenter.


  1. You successfully achieve you goals and launch the website, lets do it again for your next ideal.