How to Define a Good Company Website

What Is Good Company Website?

A good website offers exceptional information that is updated on regular basis, is intuitive and easy to use. As to serve its purpose, the website should reflect the company, products, services and brand very well to ease visitor’s understanding of what the website tries to deliver or sells. Furthermore, the design and content in the website are also very vital in order to make the visitors become curious and interested in what the company offers. Therefore, it is important to make sure the site is polished, attractive, appealing and at the same time, professional to take care of the company’s image or brand identity.

Besides, there is some crucial points that you need to know before start developing a brand new for your business as follow:

Why Company Need a Website?

Business that is mostly involve around selling products or services are encouraged to build a website to make it easy for people to recognize the existence of the business. Moreover, as technology evolves rapidly, everything can be made at your fingertips. Humans are increasingly dependent on sophisticated devices such as mobile phones, computers, laptops and others. Therefore, having a website is very important for a company because some customers are likely to browse the website to gather information they need before deciding to make a purchase of the products or services from the company.

The business website as one of the important tool which can enhance the business credibility during the first meeting with your prospective through the virtual meeting.

Features of Good Company Website

Mobile-friendly Design – A website that lacks responsive design can have a substantial negative impact on its overall internet presence. The website must be mobile-responsive because more than 60% of Google searches are conducted on mobile devices.

Functional and Well-designed – It is important for the site to be well-designed and functions as expected because customer’s first impression when visiting the site can affect the company’s image.

Easy to Navigate – The website should help visitors to complete their activities faster and keeping them engaged by suggesting relevant material.

Accessible Contact Detail – A good company website should provide contact details like implement a contact us page so when people visit the website, they can contact the company if they have any questions or problems.

The 4 Pages Every Company Website Needs

Here is the four most important pages that can be implemented on company website.

Homepage – The homepage is first thing people see, and it determines whether they’ll stay on the site or leave. Thus, suitable images and attractive elements need to be put on this page in order to keep customer engage with the content material.

Homepage for company website |

About Page – The About page is a page where company can elaborate on their mission and achievements. Therefore, storytelling is necessary for this page to keep readers engage with the brand values and journey.

Product or Services Page – In this page, company can put what they want to offer to the visitors like displaying products and services. Thus, attractive images of products or services must be top priority in order to captivate potential customers’ attention.

Web Design services page

Contact Page – Communication is the key to build strong relationships with the customers. Company can learn more about customers’ needs and obtain their feedback about the products or services.

Statistic of User Judgements of Company’s Credibility

According to statistic, users are likely to form 75% of the judgements of a company’s credibility based on the design of the company’s website. It is believed that company should focus on engaging user experience when designing a website. Therefore, website’s design plays a crucial role to determine whether a business can be successful or not.